Fortnite is an online video game that was initially released in the year 2017. The game has become so popular around the world; one can say that Fortnite is a global phenomenon. The game, developed by Epic Games, is continuously updated and thus, it is much different than what it was like in 2017 or even a few months ago.

If a game has maintained its popularity in such a manner, any newbie could be interested in knowing more. What is special about Fortnite? Why do gamers across ages love the game? How has it become so popular? Here, we shall discuss the various features, details, and about the gameplay of Fortnite.


Although the game is extremely popular, let us go through the basics for those who are not aware. You are one among 100 players in a battle bus. You are dropped off the bus on to a map. The map keeps getting smaller and smaller. Those who do not make it to the safe zone in time are out of the game. You aim to defeat the 99 others and be the last man standing.

You can either play the game as a solo player, in duo mode, or as a squad (4 players). Fortnite’s features are appealing to both beginners and pro gamers.

An in-detail view

Let us first see what the aspects are where the game is superior to its competitors and then discuss the areas where things can be improved.

The general performance of the game has always been good irrespective of the version/season. There is almost no such thing as a framerate drop. The graphics, animations and the overall game environment is top-notch. A lot of effort has gone into making the environment richer.

There is attention to detail. Epic brings out new updates every few weeks. The maps are changed, new vehicles are introduced and there are new and interesting game modes too. However, not all of these may be permanent. Some updates/changes may last only a couple of weeks before another change is introduced. Thus, the game keeps its players on their toes.

Coming to the limitations, the game has too frequent changes. All of these may not function as intended. Some changes falter as well. Beginners may take some time to learn the controls. Some players also complain about if issues while picking up certain items.

Sometimes, you have very little time to pick up new items. For those who love playing games in limited-time mode, the first part of the normal Fortnite game can be a bit laid-back.

However, these are just minor issues that do not largely affect your game.

You can also aquire these items by using the in-game currency which is called V-Bucks. Obtaining these is not easy, so it’s also an option to use some cheat sites. Visit this Fortnite hacks website to get unlimited free V-Bucks, use it at your own risk though!


Fortnite started as a popular game and has remained so since 2017. It is not an easy job to develop a game and keep introducing new updates so frequently. The development team does a commendable job in keeping the players’ excitement alive!

Once you start playing Fortnite, you will become a fan of it even before you realize it!