Have Fun with the Cutest Dragons in Dragon City

Dragons games are not easily available but if you want to have one, we have looked up for the best one for you. With Dragon City, you can have a lot of fun playing in a fantasy land of dragons.

Own them and breed them to expand your area. You will fall in love with this one would want to spend most of your time here. Some of its other details are given below.

About Gameplay

Dragon City us the hottest dragon game available online. You can breed dragons on your own little island. Have fun playing with these cute little dragons and teach them all the skills you want to. Become the Dragon Master of the world by giving them the best training possible.

Each one of these has it’s own special power, you can use it to your advantage. Help them grow and expand your territory with new little monsters. Although these may look cute but are fierce and tough on the outside. You can battle with other players from around the world and here’s when your training comes handy.


Dragon City is free to lay game for all those above the age of three. Anyone wishing to have access to some unique features can do so by using the in-app purchases. You can have access to this one on any device you want to. Just sync it and all your progress will be saved.

You can chat with other Dragon Masters and make more alliances to defeat the others. This will help you in climbing the leader-boards faster. You can open up the chests of your Alliance and can also participate in many events. You can summon various dragons to your city and see their skills.

Game Features

Dragon City features over 80 Million Dragon Masters. Become one and show them all who’s the best. There are over 1000 different dragon breeds available which you can breed and grow. Expand your area by getting them all. Many new dragons are introduced from time to time, equip them and show your friends how good you are.

Cool Dragon Skins are also available using which you can decorate your dragons according to your choice. Climb the leader boards by battling other players. You may even end up winning Warrior’s Chests and have one of a kind dragons. You can unlock the Ancient World as you progress in the game.


This game is quite fun and one can enjoy it anytime they want to. It is a quite popular one and has received many positive reviews. You can install it easily. Make your friends install it too and see who has a better collection of dragons. Keep fighting other players to reach the top quickly.

It is easy to play the game and offers great entertainment. People of all ages will surely enjoy this one. Also, it’s animation makes it quite cute and attractive. Install it today to enter endless fun and discover the lives of thousands of dragons.